DreadBall – New Rules For Launching The Ball

Have a look at the PDF I uploaded (see post above). I don’t think the chances are so small. Also the opponent might take advantage of this and place his players capable of catching a scattered ball in the hexes the ball might modt probably scatter to if it scatters in his direction.
Also I’m really not a fan of placing most of my players with their backs to my opponent. You might have realized that getting slammed in the back by your opponent can have some huge disadvantages. Especially that you cannot slamback! Ask some Forge Father players.
As written above this is no criticism. I was just curious why this decision has been made.

These rules are coming out in Season 3, but as I said earlier this week I’d post up a set for you to read in advance.

Here they are as a pdf. I’m afraid you’ll have to do without the fancy diagram for the moment. I’m sure you’ll find them straightforward enough. Basically it just says that you can’t catch it till it scatters, and so players that are in the way get hit instead.

S3 launching the ball v2

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